About BarkBeetles.org

The Bugwood Network announces the availability of Bark and Wood Boring Beetles of The World www.barkbeetles.org. This website features over 4,000 images and information on over 400 species of economically important beetles that feed on the cambium layer or wood of living or recently killed trees and shrubs. 

Bark and Wood Boring Beetles of The World is a complete rework of the former Bark Beetles of North America website. We believe this will make it easier for users to find images and information about a wide array of bark and wood boring beetles. 

We chose to implement the “NEW Taxonomy” (e.g. The Scolytidae is now Subfamily: Scolytinae within Family: Curculionidae) with the release of the site. We also chose not to provide an exhaustive list of links, rather, we chose to provide pathways to a selected set of comprehensive sites and let the users navigate from there. 

Thanks and please contact us if you have any questions or suggestions for improving this website. Also, if you have images that would be useful additions to those already available, please contact us about including them. We build through collaboration. As with all other Bugwood websites, all images are available for download and educational use at no cost as long as the photographer and the website are credited.